Founded in 2009, LRC uses years of experience and imagination to create the unexpected. We work with our investors, tenants and communities to transform our properties into something special. We can take an average office building or obsolete warehouse and transform it into a completely modernized dynamic business environment that tenants cannot wait to get into.

Our team members don’t just spend their days behind a desk. They are directly involved. They personally explore every acquisition, from the floor to the ceiling, down to the nails, and research all the potentials for development.

We have longstanding relationships in our markets where we leverage talented professionals such as attorneys, architects, engineers, construction companies, brokers, and financial sources; all who are essential to successful investment outcomes. We treat our tenants like guests in a high-end hotel – we consider them absolutely vital to the health and success of LRC. We negotiate our leases directly with them to ensure all interests are aligned. We anticipate their needs and aspirations and do our best to help create the spaces they need to successfully grow their businesses.

One of the most important partnerships we have is with our investors. We provide substantial risk-adjusted returns in a variety of asset classes, while preserving our core values of integrity, transparency and collaboration.

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